Calcium Citrate DC Granular

Calcium Citrate DC granular
Calcium citrate DC CAS 5785-44-4
Compostion 100% Calcium citrate
Starting Material Citric acid, calcium carbonate
Package 25kg/bag
Shelf Life 2 Years
Origin China

1. Introduction of Calcium citrate DC granular

It is a DC grade for calcium tableting application. There are two kinds: Calcium citrate DC  pure and DC 97 with carrier.

Calcium citrate tablets are excellent supplements for calcium, with fast absorption, high bioavailability, no significant irritation to the gastrointestinal tract, and no constipation, especially suitable for children to take.

Calcium citrate tablets are suitable for people with osteoporosis and poor sleep, especially for middle-aged and elderly people. Supplementing with bioactive calcium and vitamin D3 can promote the absorption of calcium in the small intestine and the deposition of calcium on bones. Reshaping bones for middle-aged and elderly people can restore health and vitality to life.

The solubility of calcium citrate tablets is much higher than that of regular calcium sources. Of course,  high solubility calcium can be better absorbed by the human body, truly achieving effective calcium supplementation.

Calcium citrate tablets are organic calcium salts that are easier to absorb than calcium carbonate, making them the preferred choice for calcium supplementation.

2. Spec

Product Calcium citrate DC Granular
CAS No. 5785-44-4
Chemical formula Ca3(C6H5O7)2 • 4H2O
Molecular Weight irregular granular
Package 25kg/bag
According USP
Identification Pass A, B
Assay (dry basis) 97.5 -100.5 %
Loss on drying 10.0 – 13.3%
Acid-insoluble substances ≤ 0.2%
Limit of fluoride ≤0.0030%
Arsenic ≤3ppm
Lead ≤10ppm
Heavy metals ≤20ppm
Retain on 20 mesh ≤ 10%
20-80 mesh ≥70%
through 80 mesh ≤ 20%

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