Magnesium Citrate Granular

Magnesium Citrate Granular
Magnesium Citrate Granular CAS Anhydrous: 3344-18-1

Nonahydrate: 153531-96-5

Compostion 100% Magnesium Citrate
Starting Material Citric acid, Magnesium hydroxide
Package 25kg/bag
Shelf Life 2 Years
Origin China

1. Introduction

It is a DC grade of magnesium citrate and granular style special for capsule and tablet usage. The difference between nonahyrate granular and anhydrous granular is loss on drying.

The LOD for nonahydrate granular is no more than 29%. However, it is no more than 2% for anhydrous granular.

Also, some one call this ingrdient “Trimagnesium citrate granular” or “trimagensium dicitrate granular”

2. Character of magnesium citrate granular

It is manufactured by drying granulation method. No carrier.

It is a irregular, ordorless,  white granular.

3.  Specification

Synonyms Trimagnesium Citrate  granular;

Trimagnesium dicitrate granular

Chemical formula Mg3(C6H5O7)2
Molecular Weight 451.11
Description White granular
Package 25kg/bag
According USP
Identification Pass A, B
Magnesium (dry basis) 14.5-16.4%
Loss on drying Nonahydrate: ≤29.0%

Anhydrous: ≤2.0%

Chloride ≤0.05%
Sulfate (On SO4 base) ≤0.2%
Limit of Calcium ≤1.0%
Arsenic ≤3 ppm
Heavy metals ≤50 ppm
Iron ≤200 ppm
pH (50mg/ml) 5.0-9.0
On 20 mesh ≤ 10%
20-80 mesh ≥ 70%
Through 80 mesh ≤ 20%


Magnesium Citrate powder

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